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Our Founding Story

GameChanger was started by Jim Carol and his son Taylor, a nonprofit built upon an inspiring survival story whose founders now dedicate their lives to helping others through their battles against pediatric cancer.

In May of 2006, the Carol’s lives changed forever…..their son Taylor was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia and was given two weeks left to live. After soul searching and seeking guidance from experts, the family decided to move Taylor to the Children’s Hospital of Seattle. It was there that Taylor began the fight for his life.

Throughout Taylor’s long battle, he was forced into isolation where he would spend months alone and he quickly developed a deep love for video games. Video games served as an outlet, as they helped him “feel like a kid again”, allowed him to communicate with peers and distracted him from the harsh realities of his situation.

“Video games were my escape while receiving treatment for months at a time, truly serving as a form of medicine that helped bring some joy to a difficult time. I’m forever grateful to games and the gaming community for being there when I needed it most!”

-Taylor Carol, cancer survivor & co-founder of GameChanger

Beating Leukemia after 5 long years was the most difficult challenge Taylor, Jim and the Carol family could ever imagine, and the experience changed them forever. Jim and Taylor now live their lives grateful for every day they have….pushed against the brink, they now live with more passion than ever before. 

The Carol family acknowledges that it was both the kindness of strangers and Taylor’s video games that sustained him with joy and hope during his darkest days, and they decided they wanted to pass that hope on to other kids struggling with rare diseases.

Jim and Taylor founded GameChanger in 2008 (originally named DonateGames.org), a charity focused on helping children and families suffering from cancer and other rare diseases.

A lifelong passion project turned enterprise, the father-son team are dedicated to inspiring children currently battling illness, to give hope and let them know somebody cares about them…and bring some happiness back into the life of these incredible young heroes.

Today, Taylor is 100% healthy and is a sophomore at Harvard University studying Music & English. Music is his passion, and he is an aspiring singer/songwriter who hopes to use his voice to make a difference in the world. He has also helped raised over $10M by speaking or singing at events for several nonprofits, serving as a national spokesperson for Leukemia Lympoma Society. 

To learn more about Taylor’s journey or follow his music, please visit www.TaylorCarol.com.