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Why Virtual Reality?

Imagine you’re a child in the hospital.

Trapped in a room for days, weeks, or even months.

Your only solace is the occasional visit from some friends or family members, with nurses and doctors dropping by to check in on you or perform necessary procedures. You’re thankful for the miracle of modern medicine, yet life in a hospital room serves as a constant reminder of the unfortunate circumstances that put you there, and all the necessary living restrictions that come with being hospitalized. No outdoors, no sunlight other than what may shine through your window and very little opportunity for self-expression or empowerment.

We aim to enhance the general quality of life for children in hospitals utilizing new and exciting technologies known as Virtual-Reality(VR) and Augmented-Reality(AR).

Imagine yourself again in the child’s position mentioned above. You are strapped into a headset, and suddenly are an eagle soaring across the skyline of Paris, bobbing and weaving between buildings, catching fish from the River Seine, and flying to the very top of the Eiffel Tower. Imagine being lowered to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in a diver’s cage, watching the Ocean’s surface above you get farther and farther away. Seeing a vast array of oceanic wildlife swim right by your head.

Who would’ve thought that in our lifetime we would see children be able to have these experiences mentioned above, all from the comfort of a hospital bed? We believe these kind of experiences foster an environment that encourages fun and empowerment as well as something positive that patients can share with their friends and family. There are even inherent therapeutic benefits that we have found VR can be very useful for, such as physical therapy and pure escapism from the monotony of being trapped in a hospital room day-in and out.


Learn more from our partner:  http://vrx.gamestartschool.org/