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Humble “Streaming Software” Bundle!

Announcing a new Humble Streaming Software Bundle benefiting GameChanger from March 21st – April 4th!!

By paying at least $1 on the Humble Streaming Software Bundle from March 21st – April 4th, you can receive awesome streaming software including Xsplit Premium, Monstercat Twitch License, Facerig, Magix Fastcut, Hotspot Shield & more! Head over to Humble Bundle to check out all of the exclusive offers & make a purchase to benefit GameChanger!

Click here to view & purchase the bundle: Humble Software Bundle: Streaming!

How It Works

  1. Head over to Humble Bundle! Review the offers, software & games available.
  2. Name your price! Together, these games usually go for as much as $347. At Humble Bundle, you choose the price!
  3. Support charity! Choose where the money goes — between the developers, Humble, GameChanger & Action Against Hunger!
  4. Redeem on Steam and elsewhere! The games in this bundle come as Steam keys, and FaceRig does as well! The other software keys can be redeemed according to the individual instructions on your download page. Some of the software in this bundle is available for PC only, and some for other platforms as well. Please check out the full system requirements here prior to purchasing.

How You Can Help

Here’s the full list of “Streaming Software” available in the Humble Software Bundle:

$1 or more:
Monstercat Twitch License (1 year)
FaceRig Classic
Choice Chamber

$5 average:
XSplit Premium (3-month subscription)
FaceRig PRO
Drawful 2

$12 or more:
HotSpot Shield