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About GameChanger

GameChanger's mission is to leverage innovation and technology to ease the pain and suffering of children with life-threatening illnesses.

GameChanger focuses on improving quality of life for children, their families and caregivers by:

  • Delivering video games and toys
  • Hosting unique gaming events to connect patients and the gaming community
  • Offering meaningful services directly to patients and staff in hospitals
  • Awarding financial aid and college scholarships

How GameChanger is Unique

We've been through the fight.

We leverage our personal experiences with pediatric cancer to deliver impactful, tangible and meaningful services to deserving families. Read more about our founding story.

Proven Expertise & Relationships

Our prior successes in for-profit businesses enable us to capitalize on lessons learned while we try to become the next great video game charity.

Expansive Digital Reach

We are able to expand our reach, raise more money and include the whole family by hosting online events, tournaments, auctions and fundraisers.

Sustainable Business Model

Our business model is built on the premise of re-purposing donated items and using digital technologies instead of traditional fundraising methods. Add to that low overhead and a small staff, and all of this means more donations and money make it to the patients and their families (96% of funds raised in 2015 to be exact).

Lean Tech Startup

We’re an entrepreneurial company with a tech start-up culture that isn’t afraid to adopt new innovations, challenge status quo, move quickly and replace traditional with digital.

Partnering with the Gaming Community

Generous donations, custom events & creative programs with the gaming community enable us to inspire children hospitalized with life-threatening illnesses through video games!

Over the last 8 years, GameChanger has established strong relationships with the gaming industry, delivering business value & inspiration to respected global brands/corporations. GameChanger partners with game companies by hosting global online events, receiving donations of physical products (ie video games/electronics/toys) & collecting digital content (ie game codes) and more! Click here & contact us if you’re interested in getting involved!

Founded in 2007, GameChanger was started by entrepreneur Jim Carol after his son Taylor was diagnosed with terminal leukemia at age 11. After witnessing how video games and the kindness of strangers helped during treatment, Jim and Taylor dedicated their lives to philanthropy and created GameChanger so that they could positively impact lives across the world.

Initially a grassroots organization focused on the secondhand consumer video games market, GameChanger’s programs have matured significantly over the past 7 years and include several methods for generating funds to help children with cancer all while maintaining its lean and startup culture.

Over time, GameChanger continued providing value to donors and thus grew entrenched in their recycling ecosystem, eventually starting to receive donations of IT equipment, computers, e-waste and valuable electronic assets….not just video games!

GameChanger’s impact has been felt across the world through the organization’s various charitable services. Over the years, GameChanger has donated over $200,000 towards finding a cancer cure including Progeria and Chordoma Foundations. The charity has also proudly donated over 17,000 video games to hospitals, children centers, partner charities and families since 2007. Recently, the charity has re-focused its services to provide direct financial aid to families who have a child with cancer. All told, over 100 families have received direct support from GameChanger!

Video games, technology and innovation are core to our charity’s culture. Comfortable in the ever changing landscape of technology, GameChanger cherishes the ability to continuously develop new business models and stay ahead of trends in an effort to make a global impact and help as many children battling cancer as possible.